Christoph Schmiedinger
Management Consultant and Trainer, borisgloger consulting GmbH, Germany

Christoph Schmiedinger has been working for more than four years at an agile consulting company in a position where his focus is on agile transformations and scaled projects for banks.



This talk is about the lessons we have learned while supporting digital initiatives in large banks. It starts at the top-level digitalization strategy, and continues towards user-friendly front-ends and streamlined, automated processes, as well as flexible and capable backends.

We will talk about how banks should organize their product development and how leadership is one of the major success factors of an innovative bank. Since large institutions often suffer from rigid governance, we will also outline a model of project budgeting and controlling based on venture capital funding that is typically used in a startup environment.
We have found that the entire bank, including departments ranging from customer service to IT development or revision and compliance, must undergo a transformation process. The question is how to approach such a huge endeavor, which commonly starts in IT, but is ultimately not limited to this area. Our experiences suggest that the solution cannot be found by implementing a huge framework or blue-print. Rather, we recommend establishing a structured change process, sponsored by top-management, in order to gradually alter and change the structures and processes of the entire organization. Of course, such a learning journey takes months or even years and still will never be at a point of completion, because the world is constantly changing and the bank must continuously adapt to the world’s dynamic needs.

We look forward to a lively discussion about our experiences working with large retail banks in Austria and Germany.

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