Peter Struckel
CEO, MOPET CZ a.s., Czech Republic

The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true.

J. Robert Oppenheimer

Peter believes, that even though it is not the best one, if we try just a bit harder, it might get a lot better. He is an idealist, who puts his heart and soul into the work he believes in.

He started his carrier in the field of public diplomacy and international security where he realized that real change cannot come from the outside.

His next steps took him to the arena of arts and culture, where he learned that heart and will without the matching skillset can result in amazing outcomes but at a very high price. Thus he decided to join the business sector to improve these skills.

He became a part of a corporate startup team in 2011. It was the team that brought the first universal mobile payment solution to the Czech market – Mobito – a joint venture of four major banks and three mobile operators in Czech Republic. The product did not succeed at that time and the company, Mopet CZ, had to look hard for other opportunities to satisfy its shareholders. The situation has forced Peter to leave his comfort zone, as a project manager, and acquaint himself with new methodologies such as lean startup approach, human centered design, google ventures five-day sprint, agile development, continuous delivery and others – all in the name of a faster and cheaper delivery of meaningful products for the major shareholder of Mopet CZ.



A brief insight, firsthand experience and lessons learned from my last years working on innovative products and ideas with and for one of the biggest financial institutions in Czech Republic.

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