Ben Maynard
Agile Coach | Digital & Engineering Services | Technology, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), United Kingdom

Ben has coached, trained and been passionate about people, customer focus, collaboration and iterative of delivery of value since 2009. Having historically worked on banking regulatory deliveries he has spent the last 18 months in other areas of banking and is working with a number of technical and non-technical distributed and co-located teams helping them to increase their performance as well as helping organisational areas do more with less. Ben has been integral to the growth of the agile community in RBS which now spans multiplier countries globally.



Organisations go through an ongoing co-evolution of structure and culture. For some, when we try and find an approach to ‘scaling agile’ important points are missed, the most important often being enabling the organisation to change direction at no additional cost when needed to harness change as a competitive advantage.

For a long time large banks had no need to worry about their size or complexity, in fact quite the opposite. We now found ourselves in a different world with new threats and opportunities.

During this talk we will look at structure, culture, wastes and the lateral spreading of knowledge within our organisational communities providing some ideas for how to enable the building up (co-evolution) of new structures & cultures rather than trying to tailor down what we already have.

Ben Maynard

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