Göran Nilsson
Teacher and expert in management and control, Uppsala University, Sweden

Göran is co-author of a book about agile companies – “The Agile Company” – and is a frequent speaker on the subject. He also teaches and does research related to the topic at Sweden’s best known university.

Specialties: Agile control, Lean management and control, Reward systems, Corporate governance and management control, Management control change / development


We – one former manager in banking and one researcher in management control – share the conviction that agility is the ideal type management model for companies which operate under competition, dynamic contingencies and employ highly qualified employees. In our opinion the agile company is characterised by valuing:

  • Customers over owners
  • Trust over detailed monitoring
  • Intrinsic over extrinsic motivation
  • Adaptiveness over planning

These aspects and the advantages with agile companies are illustrated with examples from banking, especially Handelsbanken.

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