John Plumpton - Speaker.

John Plumpton
VP & Senior Program Manager in Finance Risk and P&L, Deutsche Bank, United Kingdom

John Plumpton is a high-performing, delivery focused Senior Program Manager, with an outstanding record of achievement spanning 25 years in global financial services organisations; shaping, resourcing and leading complex transformational programs and delivering sustainable, innovative business solutions to improve operational performance, strengthen the customer relationship and enhance profits. During his time at Deutsche Bank, John has been responsible for a number of business impacting IT programmes from project governance, resourcing, prioritisation and delivery management to his present responsibility of delivering programmes that provide over €40m benefits realisation to the bank.



Agile adoption is very reliant on the technical competence of the teams and how they work together, however the support of an engaged, lead by example executive team is critical. Discussions will include:

  • What are the key principles for successful change?
  • How should executives prepare?
  • What should an executive leadership team look like?
  • What resources and budget will be required?
  • How do you integrate software development with business change, business process re-engineering and all the other initiatives?
  • How do you measure success?

The discussion will review Deutsche Bank’s agile journey with SAFe. An amount of time should be reserved for a round table Q&A session.

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