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Agilia Prague is conference about agile methods in Banking and Finance. Narrow focus on selected topics and private exclusive content makes this event unique. We try to present cases, which illustrates agility and its implications in domain of financial institutions. We want to show in particular new approaches to customer service, highlight trends and share new ideas.

Agilia Prague – it is 3 days of program, 12 presentations and 5 workshops. Important component of the conference is networking: it enables visitors having expert discussions or gaining new business partners.

We wants to invite everyone to the table – aiming at more than 100 delegates from Czech Republic and from Europe, including: CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT directors, R&D directors, CFOs, ScrumMasters, Product Owners, product designers, idea makers, decision makers and stakeholders, project managers, heads of PMOs, team managers, line managers, team leaders, HR managers, software development managers, heads of software engineering, program managers, heads of quality assurance, test engineers, developers, software architects, consultants, start-up-ers, investors, technology lawyers, customer care managers, coaches and trainers.

3 points that makes Agilia Prague so unique.

1. Narrow focus: Just banking and finance. Specific domain with specific problems.

2. Leading presenters: no theory, just practical hands-on experience.

3. Venue at Prague: close to center of financial sector in Czech Republic.

Organization Team


Denisa Holubová,
Conference Manager

Michal Vallo,
Conference Chair

Agilia Conference is Aguarra event.

Aguarra, s.r.o.
Plzenska 157/98
15000 PRAHA 5
Czech Republic
EU VAT: CZ24700649
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