Ricco Nourzad
Transformation Consultant and Agile Coach, BearingPoint Technology GmbH, Austria

Ricco Nourzad has over 5 years’ experience in agile development as agile coach, scrum master, product owner, developer and transformation consultant and worked in different setups like onsite, near- and offshoring with the focus on scaled agile transformations.


Five years ago, I just founded my own startup together with a friend of mine. Now I’m travelling between Austria and Germany to advise large enterprises in the banking and insurance sector on scaled agile transformations. As a true startup sympathizer, you can compare my journey to the one of Frodo Baggins from Shire to Mordor.

In this talk I want to share my experiences of this journey and show you where large enterprises are still struggling regarding the agile way of life and where you usually find great room for improvement. In addition, I will talk about bad practices, which you shouldn’t install in your company such as “Language Teams” when you are setting up a scaled agile framework.

So, if you are open to learn from others’ mistakes and you also have a bit of humor then don’t miss this talk.

Ricco Nourzad

Agile Journey through Middle-Earth (SAFe)

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I'm really looking forward to this 👍 twitter.com/AgiliaPrague/s…

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